Pertamina and The Use of Clean Energy in Remote Villages

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Olpinhoopes – The use of clean energy will be a trend in the future. Indonesia, which has a wealth of renewable natural resources, must be able to utilize it to advance people’s energy needs. The use of new and renewable energy (EBT) has actually been carried out in several regions. Even if the scale is still small, it can be an inspiration as well as a starting point to develop it on a large scale.

One that can be used as an example is the use of solar and wind power in Bondan Hamlet, Ujung Alang Village, Kampung Laut District, Cilacap Regency, Central Jawa. The people here are able to independently meet their electrical energy needs by using new renewable energy on sunlight and wind through a technology called ‘Hybrid Power Plant (PLTH)’.

Initially, residents of Bondan Hamlet had problems with electricity for decades. The reason for this is that it is very difficult to reach the geographical conditions where they live. Why not, this Bondan Hamlet is surrounded by Segara Anakan waters. To get there, you need to travel about 1.5 hours by boat from Sleko Pier, Cilacap. Electrical connection by conventional methods feels difficult and impossible. For this reason, the community began to think about the use of the available energy sources in the area.

It happened that the area there was ‘rich’ with wind and sun rays. It is therefore right if the choice falls on the use of new and renewable energy. The rider was welcomed. Pertamina’s Refinery Unit IV Cilacap acknowledges the desire to create an independent electrical installation. And the BUMN Oil and Gas company is willing to make it easier.

Through assistance in the form of installing Hybrid Electric One Pool (HEOP) in several homes, the community is succeeding in developing five wind pumps and 24 solar panels in 2017. The electrical installation delivers a power of 12,000 WP (Watt Peak). This is the highest wattage capacity generated by a solar power system.

In fact, this year the people of Bondan Hamlet were able to develop PLTH with an electricity capacity of 16,200 WP. Interestingly, the presence of PLTH not only provides information but also has other benefits. For example, it is useful to use a desalination device, which is a kind of tool for converting brackish water into fresh water, with a capacity of 240 liters per hour.

Thanks to the satisfaction of the community’s need for clean water. Because the results of this water treatment can be used by 78 households and one UMKM production house on the coastline.

Electricity from PLTH can also be used for the use of pond aerators for fishing groups. This tool is handy for moving the water into the aquarium, pond or pond so that it is rich in oxygen content so that the fish can be maximized.

Surprisingly, with such a large independent electricity capacity, the local community has managed to reduce emissions by up to 1.1 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (Eq) because it uses more environmentally friendly energy sources. It is therefore fitting that Bondan Hamlet eventually becomes an area of clean energy, and is designated as an energy-independent town in Central Java for two consecutive years. It is an achievement to be proud of by using new and renewable energy in a community.

Pertamina as the initiator of the program acknowledges that the presence of PLTH or alternative energy sources as in Bondan Hamlet is indeed very beneficial to people in remote areas. By using the available energy sources, it does not have to be confused with access and geographical distance.

This mission is in line with Pertamina’s spirit to provide equal, affordable, inexpensive and sustainable energy access to the people of Indonesia venos tech.

Furthermore, the use of ‘clean energy’ based on EBT will become a global need. This is part of the mitigation to reduce the impact of climate change. Pertamina as a national oil and gas company is also aware of this paradigm shift.

In addition, the trend of demand for oil will fall sharply. With the temperature limit of global warming to a maximum of 2 degrees, world oil demand is expected to fall from 110 million barrels per day (bpd) to about 65-73 million bpd.

In view of this trend, Pertamina will make a number of energy transitions going forward. The most important thing is to encourage the use of EBT as an energy source for the community. We certainly deserve to appreciate what Pertamina did in the Bondan Hamlet above. The small steps to start the PLTH program there have brought about a positive transformation.

From this story we can also learn that the transition to ‘clean energy’ based on EBT has great benefits for society. This is what needs to be further developed and become a compass for the direction of our energy sources in the future.

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