Razer Cynosa V2

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Olpinhoopes – Having an RGB keyboard is everyone’s dream, especially if it’s not a color you can customize as you like. The need for a good keyboard is also an added value, especially when it comes from a well-known brand like Razer Cynosa V2. The Razer manufacturer with a green-black design style has never ceased to impress its fans. This time, Razer released a game keyboard, but in a membrane style. Yep, no typical Razer switch is used, but a diaphragm or a wrench commonly used in elementary school. However, Razer’s highlighted membrane has been altered in such a way. What are the benefits?

Equipped with individual taillight

RGB color is one of the things you can be proud of if you have a game keyboard. In the range of inexpensive keyboards, however, the RGB system is usually supported by areas such as left, center, and right. Unlike Razer’s typical inexpensive game keyboard range, the Cynosa V2 has a color matching system for each key. So you can adjust the color as you like.

Hold a dedicated media button

Dedicated media button? Perhaps it is impossible to find on cheap game keyboards of well-known brands. Eitss, Razer rejected the statement by offering special buttons in the top right corner. There are RGB color buttons, silent, volume up and down, and many others. Of course, work and entertainment activities can be easily arranged with these buttons.

Razer Chroma RGB Signature Color

This is what you have been waiting for! Razer Chroma typical RGB color? There, please! Cynosa V2 offers the beauty of RGB colors with a system that can be customized by the Razer software. Those who like to use RGB color and replace it with different modes can use it on this keyboard. There are breathing systems, color cycles, static, and so on. Complete and the colors are available in up to 16 million colors, but only with Razer’s Chroma.

Cable routing system

Cable management is indeed a trivial thing for some people, but for those of you who prioritize aesthetics at work or at home, it seems that Razer has come to make it easier. The reason for this is that you will get a control cable that can be routed from the middle, right or left. So it does not look dirty and table management is neater to look at.

Water resistant technology

Snack, eating or drinking activities often occur on the work table. Then Razer responded with a water shower system that is very useful for those who are a little indifferent. Yes, water can be a problem on the keyboard, but Razer keeps its products safe with splash-resistant technology, right?

Set keys with fully programmable keys

Would you like to play MOBA, FPS or other games? Do you need special settings for different buttons? Take it easy, Razer can meet your needs with the Cynosa V2 Series. Unused buttons can be adjusted to issue special commands.

For price? As an access keyboard from driversrazer, they have a price of 59.99 USD or about Rp. 800 thousand to Rp. 1.2 million fixed in Indonesia. How interested in Razer membrane technology? This keyboard also has a simple design and a more precise playing style by the name of the peripherals from Singapore.

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